There are a few different OCR vendors on the market, but which one is better? Moonoia is known for its hand-written OCR abilities, whereas Google Tesseract is an opensource solution with many possibilities to extend. It all comes down to the business requirements before we can select the most suitable OCR tool, but it would help for sure if we have a scientific foundation to present to our clients when we discuss the key differences between the OCR vendors.

You will receive a random batch of documents to build a proof of concept with the OCR tools of your choosing. The final deliverable will be a small demo of the Proof of Concept and a presentation of report where you document all your findings, such as the key differences and a SWOT analysis.

Optional: Combine the Vendor Selection final work with the Scanned Entry final work (2 students).

Technology: Moonoia, Abbyy, Tesseract OCR

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