Because of the high licensing costs of RPA software, smaller companies are not eager to invest in the full licensing model of most RPA vendors. To make RPA more accessible for companies of all sizes and industries we are looking into a solution where we can share resources and licenses between different customers. We call this solution RPA as a Service or RPAaaS in short.

You will set up a complete virtualized infrastructure in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure from scratch, which will represent an RPA production-ready environment with all necessary application servers, database servers and runtime resources. These installations must comply with all the aspects a customer will require, such as GDPR compliance, security measures (e.g. no access between customers), a secure VPN connection to the systems of the customer and more. The environments will be handling multiple customers, so Active Directory will also be a must to maintain the many different servers and users.

After setting up the infrastructure in both AWS and Azure, you will create a comparative document to demonstrate the differences between both suppliers in terms of pricing, available documentation, difficulty of setup, maintenance, scalability, security and other subjects that you may encounter during the setup of these environments.

Technology: Amazon wegservices, Microsoft Azure

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